Deep thoughts . . . by the Cocktail Monkeys

Sometimes these filings are just random gibberish we think of, and sometimes they will be absurd tales of our wacky adventures, but every now and again, they will be reflections of the state of local music.  This one falls into that last category:

One problem just about every band faces is: after weeks/months/years of begging/harassing/cajoling a club owner/festival promoter to hire you is how to get invited back once you’ve played there.  It’s tough for just about any band.  Obviously getting people out to the show is important, but the problem every band faces is that they have had their friends come out to support them so many times that they just can’t ask anymore – at least not with a straight face.

Here’s where you –local music supporter and patron of live music come in.

If you are ever out at a bar or festival, and you like the band, but you notice that the crowd seems kind of sparse, try the following.  Within earshot of the bartender/club owner/festival promoter, say something like:

“I’ve never been here before, but I’d come back here again to hear this band”


“When’s this band gonna be back here?, I’ll come back with all my alcoholic friends then!”


“My eleven totally hot women friends (who always get guys to buy them lots of really expensive drinks incidentally) would love to come back with me the next time this band is playing here!”

or some such.  You get the idea.  It may not help, but it sure as hell won’t hurt.