The phrase Awop-Bop-a-Loo-Mop-Alop-Bam-Boom! that came from the screeching lungs of Little Richard in the pioneering days of rock and roll music, can be considered the detonator that ignited the explosive force of that same music that races through the veins of Bobby Asea.

Born in the days that were the dawn of rock and roll, it wasn’t long before Bobby’s heart and soul conceded to live and breathe the music that he loved so much.

Influenced greatly by the attack of the British Invasion in the early 60’s and in particular, the Rolling Stones, it was the bass guitar that Bobby chose to express his musical emotions. Bobby spent endless hours playing his bass with a determination that this was the way he would direct his life. As history would have it, that is what has happened and is still happening.

Bobby’s travels with playing music have taken him through many bands that performed either cover or original rock and roll music. Within his journey he resided and became part of the music scene with his bands in West Coast cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and of course the South Bay. Just being there enabled him to come across many encounters with many of his rock and roll heros. The likes of David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Blondie, Ringo Starr, Joan Jett, the Ramones, are just a few of the endless names that he has crossed paths with. With some of them he has shared the bill as an opening act.

When the Ramones blitzed through the South Bay in the early eighties, Bobby’s band, Dirty Looks warmed up the crowd with a rousing opening set. A footnote here is the lead singer for Dirty Looks was none other than Cisco, who currently has his own music out on Pete Anderson’s, Little Dog Records.

In the early heyday of Punk Rock music, Bobby’s then current band, Cyclops, rolled out the royal stage carpet at the world famous Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco for the first British Punk band to attack these American shores. The band was the Damned and it was they who paved the path for other great bands from jolly ol’ England such as the Sex Pistols, Clash etc…

In 1980, while living in Hollywood, Bobby played in an original band named, Made In Japan. When Canon Pictures went scouting for a local act to record and perform in their latest movie, they looked no further after attending a Made In Japan audition. The band was hired to provide their songs for the soundtrack and to appear in the movie as themselves. The movie was called New Years Evil and it’s considered to be a B slasher film which was right up Bobby’s alley.

For Bobby, much music has been played and many stages have been performed on over the years. These days his driving bass playing can be heard around the greater Bay Area with the Cocktail Monkeys.