just thought I'd shout out to you about how much I enjoyed the morning show, see you friday in cambell.

Mike San Jose, CA January 4, 2017

Renee, I caught the end of your set on the Greg Kihn show this morning on the way to work and I was literally in tears at the sound of your amazingly beautiful voice and infectious laugh. You are a gift. Thank you. 🙂

Mark San Jose, CA January 4, 2017

Renee, I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you HOW MUCH I enjoyed listening to you sing...I also wanted to compliment the guys too. Most of the "cover bands" Ive heard will change the music just a little bit here and there but you guys are ON...Im a big fan now!

Carmen Fremont, CA January 4, 2017

You guys sounded great on New Years! I'm glad I made it there.

Dave San Jose, CA January 4, 2017

I just wanted to thank you again for coming to Santa Cruz. Everyone loved the band and the whole evening was a success...It was truly the the most fun party we have had or have been to. Your band is a great success and you should be proud.

Jack O'Brien Santa Cruz, CA January 4, 2017

I just wanted to thank the band again for an awesome night.It was fun and special celebrating our Birthdays and Wedding Anniversary with "The Cocktail Monkeys". My husband, I and our guests had a
fun night.

Roni& Bruce Fremont, CA January 4, 2017

I loved your show. You've got Mojo to burn!

Paula Campbell, CA January 4, 2017

Saw you at the Crown Pub on June 24th and had a great time. You guys rock!!

Heidi Danville, CA January 4, 2017

I saw you at the Cornfest in Brentwood...and you were off the hook.

Heather Brentwood, CA January 4, 2017

Saw you in Brentwood over the week end. You guys are GREAT!!! I consider myself an official critic of Rock and Roll bands, and you were really really good. The lead singer can really belt it out. I look forward to seeing you again.

Becky Brentwood, CA January 4, 2017

i saw you guys at cornfest today. Renee is hott! and the drummer does the b52 guy perfect!

Jeff Brentwood, CA January 4, 2017

Thanks for making my party lots of fun. Everybody enjoyed your music and complimented you. I am sure we will call you again.

Tiziana Livermore, CA January 4, 2017

I listened to you perform at Lockheed. You guys and girls sound GREAT!! Your favorite fan

Jamy Sunnyvale, CA January 4, 2017

Seen ya all on the USS HORNET Great show, gonna tell all my friends and thanks for caring bout the troops

Kim January 4, 2017

I got to experience your fantastic performance at the Eastman wedding. You are all awesome performers and you blew me away. My wife and I haven't danced that much in years.

John Los Angles, CA January 4, 2017

Thank you for helping to make Doug and Bory\'s wedding a fun and memorable event...you guys are great.

Doug Oakland, CA January 4, 2017

wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you, Renee, Mark, Bobby and Will. You guys rock! Everyone that I spoke with said that you guys did a fabulous job. So again thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Liza - Ditech San Jose, CA January 4, 2017

everyone really, really loved the band. You guys were absolutely awesome! AND, you made the difference this year between a nice holiday event and an outstanding holiday party!! I knew you had hit a huge homerun when our CEO began pouring you shots of tequila in your last set. Now that's a compliment. Thank you again, you guys were amazing!! I'll see you at the Saddle Rack for the tribute.

BTW, I loved the autographed tshirt. What a treasure. Liza gave it to me as part of our holiday gift giving. I immediately showed it to Tim (CEO) and he said we should frame it and hang it in the lobby. Can you tell your being adopted by Ditech?

Lowell Trangsrud Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer Ditech Networks January 4, 2017

We have been waiting to see all of you in person. It was an honor to see and hear your talented band at te Saddle Rack,Sunday, January 28th.Keep on doing what you all do best...your all too good to be kept a secret too much longer.Day jobs be damned,hang on you're all going places.

Evan and Joanne Watts Fremont, CA January 4, 2017

Just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to The Cocktail Monkeys for a fantastic event last Saturday at Saint Frances Cabrini. You guys were awesome! Everyone has been raving about the quality of your sound as well as your dance sets...it was really fantastic. We will definitely hire you again for our crab feed next year...

Colleen San Jose, CA January 4, 2017

You guys more than showed your talent and ability to bring people in. I am going to push to give you guys a Friday dance night.

Bernie Gonzales Manager of Malo January 4, 2017

You guys kicked ass at Bobby's b-day bash! Every Cocktail Monkeys show I see is better than the last. You've got super stage presence, super voice and super sexy going on and you're getting better every time. I look forward to seeing future shows.

Davey San Jose January 4, 2017

The response from the Wine Club dinner has been tremendous! They liked you, they really liked you! We will gladly and proudly promote you!

Kit Fortino Winery, Gilroy January 4, 2017

I don't know how Robbie and Melissa found you, but what a find it was! You guys are awesome! Thanks for a great time!

Kathy Fremont January 4, 2017

Hey guys! We were video at Rob and Mellissa's wedding at the Mirage on Saturday...your band is on our list! I have been to hundreds of weddings...working with you all was refreshing and I WILL spread the word and try to get you some more business. Looking forward to working with you soon.

Rod Atwood Element Studios, Lodi January 4, 2017

Thanks for putting on a wonderful show at my daughter's wedding on June 23,2007. Everyone was up dancing and your selection of music drew raves from guests 18 to 80. Keep up the good work, and thanks again for making great memories.

Larry Fremont January 4, 2017

Thank you to you and the rest of the Cocktail Monkey's for a great time
and addition to our Hot August Night. We look forward to rocking with you in the future! Thanks again!!

Patricia Hall Recreation Program Specialist City of San José January 4, 2017

Thanks again for a great Fiesta - everyone LOVED having you there and are looking forward to seeing you at the Crab Shack in February!

Ingrid San Jose January 4, 2017

"WOW"!!! You ROCKED our wedding so hard!!! You were the best decsion that we made for our wedding and everyone LOVED you and had the best time dancing to you! Thanks so much for everything!

Jen & Mark San Jose January 4, 2017

Your wedding was absolutely beautiful!! I heard that your band was the BEST band our staff has ever seen at a wedding!! The Banquet Manager told me they were awesome & brought the house down!! It sounds like a good time was had by all!

Wedding Coordinator Chaminade Hotel, Soquel, CA January 4, 2017

Just saw your show at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk this afternoon. Enjoyed it very much! Bought 2 t-shirts for my son and I. Good show, nice energy! Keep rockin'!

Phil Santa Cruz January 4, 2017

We first heard you play at Shelly O\'Briens 50th at Chaminade and were so amazed. My bunco group came to hear you play in Campbell on Thursday, and we had a blast dancing and singing! Can I get information on private parties? We have some big birthdays coming up! Thanks- you guys are fantastic!

Holli Campbell January 4, 2017

"You Guys (and Gal) are the greatest!
I am a brand new fan of your group since I last Thursday at the Campbell Show. Your enthusiastic energy, music and professional presentation had everyone from a One year old toddler to an Eighty year old woman grooving, moving and dancing to the beat. Even a man with a missing leg joined in. Me too! (age 69). What an Amazing and Wonderful evening it was. I can't wait to see your show again. I going to tell all my family and friends just how Super ya'll are.

David Campbell January 4, 2017

Heard you guys playing for the first time ever in Sunnyvale last week - you rock!!

Barbara Sunnyvale January 4, 2017

We were so impressed with your music. Your vocals are over the top...we are joining your fan club. Thanks for great Rock!!!

Laurel San Jose January 4, 2017

I heard you guys (and an incredible lady) in Menlo Park this past week. I just moved here from Jersey just outside of NYC and have heard (and been in) a lot of cover bands. You are among the best of them - each one of you a pro. With all the terrific music around here I'll put you at the top of the list when I want a great time or need a band for something.

Mark Menlo Park January 4, 2017

The party was an absolute success! The Cocktail Monkeys were outstanding. Turned out there was a band playing when they arrived... so they were a bit behind schedule in setting up. But they handled it exceptionally well. They didn't make excuses, didn't complain and kept me informed of progress. They were professional and very friendly. Before they started playing, one of my guests wanted her picture taken seated at the drums and Will was very accommodating. My guest was thrilled. Basically, everyone was blown away by Renee's voice, the range of the band's musical selections and the personality of each of them. The evening was a big hit!

Leslie Sunnyvale January 4, 2017

You ROCKED the house last night at the Half Moon Bay Brewery! Excellent show and the perfect selection of songs!

Erik Half Moon Bay January 4, 2017

I have been fortunate to have seen The Cocktail Monkeys over the past several years in Mountain View, Los Gatos & Campbell. Loved your show at the Campbell City Hall lawn tonight. ( 8/2) The crowd really connected with your show! Thanks so much!!

Dan Campbell January 4, 2017

you guys are the best... The Cocktail Monkeys are the Hornet’s Band, the Hornet’s favorite.

Madeline McEntyre, Community Events Manager Aircraft Carrier Hornet Foundation January 4, 2017

Just wanted to thank you and the band members for putting on such great entertainment and music for my party. I had so much fun and am still getting calls about what a great band you have.... Thanks for everything; you're true professionals and wonderful to work with!

Barb Campbell December 30, 2016