The time Will got Santana’s drummer to roadie for him.

(This is true, by the way)

Here’s how it happened:

Once upon a time, Tony Lindsay – the lead singer for Santana* – asked us to open for him. We’d opened for him before before, and we (and the audience)  had a great time, but Will had an itsy bitsy teensy weensy problem:

When we’d opened for Tony before, his band would set up on the stage, and the Cocktail Monkeys would just cram their equipment in whatever space was left. It’s inconvenient for Mark and Bobby, but for a drummer to stuff in around another drum set creates lots of problems. So Will said it would be much better if either (A) the other drummer would move his stuff off the stage, or (2) Will could play the other drummer’s drums. The C-Monkeys were told that Tony’s band opted for option (B).

So, when we all got there, the drummer for Tony was Willfredo Reyes –who played drums for Santana! Willfredo had to set up and sound check the drums. Will walks in, plays (they were really nice drums!), and leaves. When Wilfredo finished, he had to pack up all the drums.

So, that’s how Will got Santana’s drummer to roadie for him.


Now, finish your milk and go to bed.



* Now, we know what you’re thinking: Why, oh why, would Santana’s lead singer ask the Cocktail Monkeys anything, ever? Well, good question. If you want the actual, true answer, you’ll just have to come to one of our shows and ask us.