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Besides being a little plastic monkey that can be hung from the rim of your glass, it’s the name of one of the hottest dance-party bands in the Bay Area.

Covering some of the most recognizable and danceable songs from a crossover of music genres such as Rock and Roll (classic and contemporary), Motown, Pop and Disco, the Cocktail Monkeys will guarantee to entertain and satisfy everyone in the house!


Bass, Vocals


Guitar, Vocals


Lead Vocals


Drums, Vocals

Upcoming Events

Make it a point to be a part of a Cocktail Monkey show. Go see the band at any of the venues that they perform or have them play for your special event.

Date Location Event Time
03/17/2018 830 Main St, Pleasanton, CA 94566 Main Street Brewery 9:00p - 12:00a
03/31/2018 1353 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133 Maggie McGarrys 10:00p - 1:30a
04/14/2018 Los Altos, Ca. Private Event
04/21/2018 1410 Old County Rd Belmont Ca 94002 St James Gate 9:30p - 1:30a


Words of Wisdom

Filings from Backstage – The Misadventures and Musings of a Working Band

The time Will got Santana’s drummer to roadie for him.

(This is true, by the way) Here’s how it happened: Once upon a time, Tony Lindsay – the lead singer for Santana* – asked us to open for him....

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Deep thoughts . . . by the Cocktail Monkeys

Sometimes these filings are just random gibberish we think of, and sometimes they will be absurd tales of our wacky adventures, but every now and again, they will be...

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New Video Game

We have a idea for a new video game. The good news is that it’s free (well . . . it’s free if you already own this video game)....

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